Friday, May 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Summer!

I am so excited about this weekend! It's finally time to get the pool ready. I've been so busy, and with all the rain and cool weather it just hasn't seemed the right time to work on it. I got this "new" pool last year. It's above-ground. And yes, there' swork involved in taking care of it. But my response to having to clean it is - "can't you just get in it to clean it?" The chemicals really aren't that hard to deal with either. And me and a friend of mine put it together ourselves in a couple of hours. It was pretty level - but not exact. And my friend, Scott, it pretty particular about the evenness of a pool - that's his job. Plus, I have a little money saved finally for the landing and privacy fencing around the pool to add to it this year. AND - that tall scrawny oak tree has to come down. So long and short of it - I get to pump out the water this weekend and start tearing down the pool so I can get somebody to cut the tree and then get Scott out with blocks and a real laser level to put the pool back together. This whole process should be about three weeks. Sounds like a lot, but I have a whole lot of other little things that I want to get done around the house. And that pool is fantastic incentive to get my jobs done so I can relax, exercise, float, and enjoy the sun (or moon and stars depending on time and temperature of the day).
AND - if I don't get some grape tomatoes planted this weekend I may be out of luck. I love fresh grape tomatoes off the vine. And green peppers, banana peppers, corn, flowers for my flower beds...and that firepit is getting dusted off this weekend too. Oh, how I love a change in the seasons! Now if I only had enough money for a road trip in a convertible.


Anonymous said...

Pools are fun! even though I hate getting in around people since I am fatter than I would prefer lol. We love to lay out though and play a little in Amy's parents pool.