Monday, May 5, 2008

What a Weekend!

Wow - what a weekend! Princess prep went into full swing - literally!

My mom was so gracious to help other princesses with this tea: Pocahontas (we already had a dress and I had accessories and the racoon), and Belle - this was a blast to embellish. And Rebecca was seriously Belle yesterday at church for those who missed it. She's beautiful anyway, but put a yellow Belle ballgown on her and she literally is floating down the aisle - more like twirling! And Jordan makes a fabulous Tinkerbell. But now for my dress! We started putting it together yesterday - and with the bow in my hair!!!! Even I was amazed at the tranformation! And I get a cape!!!!! All that's left for me to do is my table settings.

And the next Saturday is the mother-daughter lunch. I think I'm going to have about 5 moms that day! It'll be fun! And the Phillips-Hornung Wedding that evening - ahhhhhhh, young love.

So I get Fiday off - work in Louisville, Oaks Day is like a National Holiday. Friday consisted of some Bible study, housekeeping, truck maintenance and princess dresses. We had to go get different material for my skirt - that makes about 3 different tries on the yellow for the skirt! And into the night on Belle adjustments, dyeing, beading - just cause we we playing with it too.

Then Saturday morning - Belle was IN the dress for fittings and adjustments. Rebecca was TOOO cute - you think she was twirling on stage - you should see her in socks on hardwood floors with the dress on. And mom thought I had a hard time standing still for fittings. :-) And once Rebecca was all-set, it was back to mom's for Snow White! And I was excited to get a call from friends inviting me to see Ironman with them that afternoon. That was a good movie. I tried not to have any expectations - especially since I don't know the Ironman storylines inside and out. So I came away pleasantly pleased. And after the movie more time with friends. Good stuff. And just so everyone knows - Erica and Joe are madly in love....seriously. Not in a PDA way...just seeing love in action.

And Sunday - the big Belle day. I got to be the "lady-in-waiting" - which means helping to get the dress on her and fluffed up. It went so well for the promotion of the Princess tea - I'm sure she'll be blogging about it soon! And Sunday was my first day in the high school class. Just observing for now....helping to organize a little. After church - more Snow White prep. And last night - the Casting Crowns "concert." I put it that way because with them it's more of a worship time than a "just be entertained" time. They prayed over everyone - prayed a few other times through the night too. It was great! There was a couple of different groups going: Rebecca with Ricky, Ryan and Bill Peake - then there was 8 of us ladies that got together to go. We had a great time!

And today - back to work. I'm SOOOOOO DESPERATELY needing to do some yardwork. Maybe I should just borrow Kim and Jeremy's little goats for a couple of days..... hmmmm....


Rebecca Jo said...

I think every girl needs a Princess dress to twirl around in anytime they feel bad - you can't help but feel like your spirits are lifted! Highly recommend it!

The tea is going to be fantastic - can't wait!

Again - thanks for all the help on my dress! It couldnt have been better!