Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Channeling Snow White

Man - have princesses changed over the years!
Walt Disney's first Princess movie was Snow White. She started it all! She was sweet, innocent, polite, virtuous, beautiful, naive, fun, graceful, had a way of communicating to the animals and little grumpy men. She was compassionate to old people, and not a cynical or critical bone in her body. She was loved by many - hated only by one because of her beauty. She could cook, clean, sing and dance. AND SHE PRAYED! She says her prayers before she goes to bed at night -- to bless everyone, even Grumpy!
Her only dangerous adventure was running alone in a forest - until the animals found her and led her to the dwarfs' cottage. Oh - I guess there was being in a poisoned sleep for a year thing.
Then there's Prince Charming. Charming just HAD to be his name, cause all the other Princes have names (well, except maybe the Beast). But imagine - love at first sight. AND he sought her out after all that time. And all he had to do was kiss her. Even Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty had to slay a dragon before kissing the Princess Aurora.
And I get to play her for the upcoming Princess Tea!


Rebecca Jo said...

Side note - the Beast name was Prince Ricky (hehe!!!)