Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What to say...

Ok - dial-up connections really stink. I have been home on "vacation" this past week and Man, am I missing out on stuff! This time of year is always iffy for me on the whole being able to breathe thing. So I tend to get sinusy-sick out of nowhere. And I MISSED the youth event of ACCESS. I'm sure you've already checked out Rebecca's and Joe's blogs and MySpaces, so I won't be redundant. But MAN... it looked like such a blast! I haven't got to play putt-putt in years! And laser tag! I sooo could have shot something last week!

I really get inspired by others' blogs. Rebecca is a fantastic devotional writer. She can find God's message in just about anything in everyday life. I admire her so much. Then there's Joe. I forget that he's younger than me with the maturity he shows in his growth with God. And Mike. Mike is just down-right honest and I love that. He's learned to open up a lot. And there's others that I have at the left for those that read and keep clicking through to everyone else's. And these guys have been so supportive of my mental state of late - even though I'm sure they're sick of it.

Regardless of being sick for half of my time off, I still had a great week. And in honor of Rebecca and Joe's week-end reviews, I have my own:
  • I don't want to miss out on youth events anymore :-(
  • Cats, crocheted afghan, couch-time and cartoons make for a great nap-starter
  • God talks to me - especially when I'm listening
  • Even when I'm lonely, I'm loved - and even liked
  • Your whole head and neck can be burning up hot - and yet only have 96.5 temperature - how does that work?
  • Having neighbors that will at least check to see if your alive when your truck doesn't move for a few days is comforting.
  • Having a neighbor boy who loves to mow yards is fabulous and oh-so-timely!
  • Homemade lasagna can quiet even the most talkative bunch (my favorite dish to make, glad people liked it!)
  • Being surprised in a good way when I don't see it coming is heart-lightening
  • Celebrating family members' 25-year anniversary is inspiring even for the most cynical (not me! :-) )
  • Having an uncle that is a mechanic that will save me about a thousand dollars to get my truck fixed - priceless! God is so thoughtful to place in each of a skill/talent/gift to use for others -- and I am overjoyed that my uncle is willing to help me so much. Now if I could only find my own handyman ;-)
  • Learning what God wants me to do with my life - at least for now - is so releasing. The motto right now is "Be Still - Wait upon the Lord."
  • When you are released - the creative juices start to flow again!
  • It's hard to be still and not want to go out and conquer the world when the creative juices are flowing!
  • Watching my cat do backflips from being surprise by a neighbor dog popping his head in the window is hilarious. Sometimes I think Maestro does it just cause he knows it'll make me laugh.
  • I get dizzier than my cat when we spin around in circles
  • Learning word meanings in the Bible gives a whole new light to the message


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way sometimes, that people get sick of hearing me worry and complain sometimes. But I know that people who really love me love me for me with all of the quirks, just as all of care about you.