Thursday, April 17, 2008

If you could do anything...

If you could do anything you wanted - what would it be? Personally, I have too many things I want to do. And my organizing/planning side of me loves to list stuff - so those that are finally getting around to writing down 100 things to do before you die is just catching up with me. Here's just a few for me (while here on earth):

  • Sing on the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium stages (to audiences)

  • Travel a lot (Greece, back to Ireland, Italy, Australia, China, Japan, Austria, Virginia, the Carolinas, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, etc.)

  • Learn to take REALLY good pictures

  • Knit and crochet

  • Sew my own clothes

  • Write a book

  • Write a play

  • Direct a film

  • Produce a broadway show

  • Build a bookcase

  • Start scholarships for the disadvantaged to go to college

  • Learn karate

  • Learn more guitar chords

  • Learn to build a guitar

  • Help build houses for others (although, right now I'm only good at painting)

  • Learn to play more instruments: piano, banjo, harmonica, steel drums, steel guitar

  • Read all the classics

  • Read and speak Hebrew and Greek and Latin and Gaelic and Swahili and Madarin and Spanish and and and (so I could talk to anyone anywhere)

  • Walk all over Ireland

  • Ride a dogsled

  • Ride in a hot-air balloon

  • Fly a helicopter

  • Have a bible study with Billy Graham (may have to wait till heaven for that - of course, Jesus can just explain it for Himself at that point)

  • Memorize the New Testament

  • Bless others with surprises (one of my absolute favorite things to do)

Now, I'm on my way for a few of these things. Some I may never get to do. And you'll notice - a date is not on there which means subsequently, a hubby and babies are also not on the list. And neither is a new job. God has really been working on me for that -- He's going to let me know about that stuff when He's ready. So if any of that changes, my list may adjust or be added to. But what about you guys? What are some things that would be on your list -- and not just loving others -- but how do you want to live life abundantly?

The biggest thing I want to make sure I do in life is be Jesus for others. I found this great video of a Big & Rich song -- country music, yes -- but a GREAT song!

And I found this comic - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Rebecca Jo said...

I have a notebook with things I want to do before I die. The one that I think would surprise most people - I want to ZIP LINE in a forest!!! Wouldn't that be cool!!!

Also - I wanted to be Belle on Broadway - but (sniff), the show has been closed! Oh well, I can still dream! ;-)

Amy said...

I was able to check zip lining off of my list finally! That was one thing that I wanted to do, and finally got to do in Guatemala. My three big things that were on my list from when I was younger were to get a black belt in karate (check that off, done that), learn to play the drums, (check) and go skydiving. I still need to do the skydiving thing! There are a bunch more things, but those were my biggies!

Christy said...

Zip Line! Gotta add that one to my list!