Friday, April 25, 2008

Lessons in Love...

Have there been times in your lives where you experience a "lesson" only to seem to be repeating that same lesson again? How do you stop yourself? How do you even notice until it's too late? The question I ask myself is why didn't I get it the first time around? How many times am I going to have to repeat this same thing? What is the "something different" I should be doing this time around?

Not that anything bad is going on - before you ask. Just crossed my mind after reviewing life. Not a situation of "reverting" or "falling away." Is it just practice that God's gearing me up for in the future? Wish He'd tell me.

And another funny thing I discovered this week...the less I joke about not having a date - the more people want to REALLY talk about it. I've had at least 3 real conversations from wonderfully-intentioned women about how "God has someone planned for me," (how do they know?) "I really need someone," (of course - I can't reach stuff on the top shelf) "You'll see, you'll be married soon and have kids of your own to play with." (no more playing with Levi and Riley!)

Maybe I should go back to joking openingly about not having been asked out for over 5 years! But then I get the "but why, you're so beautiful?" Maybe so, but I have standards that most men are just flat scared of. AND - I've been told by two men-friends lately that I AM scary for men. Apparently, beauty, brains and bravery don't mix for guys very often. Besides, I personally think that God has been divinely protecting me in this area. Like I've joked before - not even the crazy-psycho-weird ones have asked me out - not even to be lewd about a 1-night stand. So I am blessed really. I may not have that perfect someone (yet), but I know that the lover of my soul will never leave me nor forsake me.

Now, don't get me wrong...I would love to be "in-love" with someone who's "in-love" with me. But he and I have to be equally-yoked before I consider anything. We need to be on the same page with Jesus. Once that happens - look out!

So for those of you who are married and read this -- you lovey-doveys are great to watch. And just like your children watch you - other people watch your relationship with your spouse. My best friends, Kim&Darren, were high school sweethearts and are still madly in-love after so many years. He loves to sit across the table from her instead of right next her - that way he can look into her eyes to tell her how much he loves her! And she just melts -- and she can't stand to be away from him more than 24 hours. It was a struggle when he did handi-camps during the summer. Then there's Steve & Vicki Meredith. You should see those two dance! And holding hands - and he loves to sing to her while she's singing on stage. And Crystal Willan - she fixed her husband's favorite cornbread muffins for our bible study last night. Irvin passed away a few years ago. And Joe & Erica...and Ricky&Rebecca....and Kim&Jeremy.... and Chad&Jennifer.... and Bridgette&Russ.... and Bobby&Sha.... Mike&Amy and ...and...and...

So, as a single...I want to encourage all you married people out there. Keep up the good work - cause marriage is work. But the blessing you are to each other and others like me is priceless! Keeps me from being bitter, but gives me hope that I can have the same thing someday!


Andy Armitage said...
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Christy said...
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Andy Armitage said...

Well, Christy. I see you posted a comment to say my comment (now deleted) was "of the homosexual variety" (as if your readers were too immature to make up their own minds what they should read), and then deleted both my comment and your own. Is this censorship? There was nothing untoward in my comment. What on earth are you afraid of? (Oh, I do apologise for misspelling your name in the first comment; it was a genuine typo.)

Christy said...

Actually, Andy - it was pure mess-up on my part -- hitting too many buttons at once. I didn't like my comment and wanted to take it off, because I do believe my readers are mature enough. I ended up deleting them both. My mistake.

I actually don't have restrictions on my comments. Anyone can post, and I encourage that. And you are reading my blog - I hope that you can be encouraged too.

Christy said...

And, Andy, at the same time, I wonder why you would want to post about your blog on mine? I'm clearly a Christian, yet there isn't much indication of that from your posts. If you would like to promote or drive traffic to your blog, I'm not sure mine is the right venue. My readers are mature Christians for the most part. And we are all on the same page with homosexual lifestyles. It is a sin just like lying or stealing or killing or any other sin. But we love people all the same and want to bring everyone to Jesus so we can all be in heaven together. My first comment was meant to make them aware of what your blog is about before they click into something they are not prepared for. It was not meant for you to assume I'm afraid of anything.

Just following up in case you're still monitoring.

Andy Armitage said...

Ah, the gremlins! I do sympathise.

Actually, I do read most of the blogs I come across (some by accident, some by searching) with some interest. Many, though I don't always agree with them (and, as you can see from the blog I contribute to, I'm not a believer), I find challenging and of interest.

I'll drop by your attractive blog now and again and read. Exchanges of ideas are always potentially useful.

Andy Armitage said...

Hi, Christy. Our comments got crossed there. Your readers are in for an interesting, if confusing, treat! I don't know how anyone who calls herself Christian can equate a sexual orientation that is genetically within a person (it is now known), and he/she cannot do anything about, with murder. You have a couple of gay people living up the road from you; your friends know some, even if they don't tell you because they feel you'd disapprove of the company they keep; your children will come across gay people at school; the TV stars you admire will have a much, much higher proportion of gay people among them than the people you meet every day. All akin to murderers and thieves? Come, now. You'll need to provide your evidence (but not from a book of scripture, please, since there's no way of verifying that, since it's taken on faith).

Christy said...

Well, I personally live a life that is scripture-based. I equate MYSELF to murderers and thieves.

And I am more than well-aware of the gay community around me. i have gay relatives and friends...and I get a little jealous sometimes of their talents that I don't have - just like I do with my heterosexual friends and family. But that doesn't stop my belief that WE ARE ALL SINNERS. Me included. And ANY unrepented sin separates me from God - and ultimately Heaven. I live with an eternal outlook.

Now, that being said. A non-God-view. Homosexual lifestyle - just like a multi-sexual (too many partners of any kind) is not healthy. It's detremental to many areas of a person's life - physical health, mental, emotional, social. Sexual activity of the unhealthy kind leads to other unhealthy areas.

That's why God gave us those boundaries - one man & one woman - only have one wife(in the New Testament-learned their lessons from Solomon having so many women to deal with), do not fornicate (sex outside of marriage). Those are the boundaries to a healthy sex-life. And God knows how much focus is put on sex - then and now.

And I put more than faith in the scriptures. When I put those instructions into practice, my life is blessed. I'm healthy and growing into a person that loves others unconditionally while holding them up to be better themselves.

Mike said...

I can't imagine what it's like to be in the dating pool again. Well Actually I can, it would stink because there are a shortage of decent people out there to date. It was hard enough the short time I was single before somehow God led me to Amy.

And as to your poster Andy, I love a good comment as well as the next guy, it shows by my blogs, but I also agree with Christy and her views on homosexuals. Sometimes I don't feel it's fair that gay people seem to be born that way, then punished it for it according to what we beleive in the bible. But there are lots of other things we are all tempted with that we choose to do or not do.

I thinks it great if you are gay and proud, and I think it's great that us Christians understand the end the results of living ANY kind of life that doesn't honor God with have repercussions. And I think it's great we can all have opinions and share them like adults.