Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Local Goings-on

Just noticed in the Banner Gazette - that free paper most of us get but rarely look through.
  • Greenville United Methodist Church has Bluegrass & Gospel music every Friday night at 7 p.m. in their basement - looks like everyone's welcome - bring your instruments and jam with them. For more info: Frank Francis 923-5552
  • Georgetown is having a 3-day local talent Music Fest May 23-25...looks like lots of local talent. Mom's Music is tied-in, the winner of the Rock Band contest gets a 4-hour recording studio package. Inflatables, cornhole contest, lots of food -- could be fun!
  • GCC's Tommy Oakes event is listed in there
  • Any artists here? They're looking for some to participate in the Art on the Parish Green Art show (www.artontheparishgreen.com)
  • Interested in learning to ballroom dance? They're offering classes at the YMCA on Hamburg Pike in Jeffersonville

There's always lots going on. And there are so many fun things available to do...but you know, busy-ness is not good to do. I encourage everyone (including myself) - reach for balance this summer. Embrace some Mayberry moments and just soak in your surroundings. God didn't create this Earth for nothing -- He created it for us. So take those moments to enjoy your family. If you have kids - take the time to watch them catch fireflies (catch a few yourself). If you have pets - watch them sleep...and doze yourself. Let God wake you up early just to watch a sunrise. Watch the sunset over a pond. Stare out over a field of waving grass or tree leaves. Soak in the sunshine and dance in the rain. Read a book on the swing in the shade. Wave to those cars going by. Worship God out-loud. Walk barefoot in the grass, and dirt, and sand, and creeks. Listen to the birds, be amazed at all the new life "springing forth" -- I've seen so many new calves and foals! Enjoy a tall glass of lemonade or sweet sun-tea with grilled burgers. Have some sweet sugar water for the hummingbirds and watch them hover then speed off. Take a new road each month to see something new.