Tuesday, August 19, 2008

God's Personalized Path

Did you ever contemplate how God's plans are so personalized? I brought this up during Sr. High Sunday - how God being huge enough to create EVERYTHING - yet, individual enough to live inside us. And I went one step further last night while reading "The Barbarian Way."

Erwin McManus talked about following the barbian way when following Jesus - it's not going to be sunshine and roses all the time - it's not fair most of the time. And he used John 21:22 (but in context 17-23). Jesus just talks with Peter about "feed my sheep," restoring Peter. And apparently they are walking - Peter looks back and sees John and asks Jesus, "What about him?" And Jesus flat tells Peter, "If I want him to remain alive until I return, what is that to you. You must follow me."

What is that to you! Wow. Basically, Peter (Christy), that's not your concern. He (or she) is going to live out their life on the path I've laid for them - just like I've laid your path for you to follow. I will live life in certain situations/circumstances that no one else may have to. And there's one definite I discovered in my life - if I am trying to go in a direction that God has not laid for me - I keep walking into walls - my way is much harder than following God's way.