Thursday, August 28, 2008

The classics

So I've already admitted to being sentimental and romantic, but I also have "an old soul." I LOVE "the old stuff." Especially in music. Classic country - real women singing real stuff (Patsy will always be my favorite), Southern Gospel - no one beats Vestal Goodman! Bluegrass - give me Ralph Stanley singing "O, Death," and I just melt over Bing Crosby's crooning, feel like dancing with military boys to the Andrew Sisters and even Jimmy Durante can inspire me to "Make Someone Happy." LOVE IT!

Today I've been listening to some of this older stuff - Jimmy, Bing, Doris Day, Mae West, Al Jolson (yah, cha, cha), and the rest. And one song came on my "jukebox" that just absolutely delighted me - well, two really. So I found them on ye old youtube for your enjoyment as well. Tell me these aren't adorable and make you feel all sunny inside!

Turn the sound up a little for this one... you only need about the first minute, but Shirley's just cute to watch!


Mrs4444 said...

Oh, man. Could that kid get any cuter? Sooooo sweet. I wonder how old he is today and if he got his r's under control :) Little cutie.

BTW, the Shirley Temple video was "removed by the user."

Found this post in the little thingy at the end of today's post.