Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My new Bible is here!

My bestest friends gave me money for my birthday and said let us know what we got you. Well, it just so happened I knew exactly what I wanted! One of the ladies brought in a Chain Reference Bible to women's study...and I loved it! I love study Bibles anyway, and the chain reference leaves out the commentary on the bottom. Because those commentaries can be wrong - we found some examples. And I wanted a meaty translation - something that's real close to the original language (I haven't had time to learn Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek), but I also notice they had some "handy" sizes available. So I chose the Personal Size New King James Version. It's almost exact to the New American Standard which I love. But this Bible is just too cool! Talk about taking a journey in the Word! And it has a topical index which I like, and charts a concordance and maps. When I opened my package today I noticed it already came with tabs. Now normally I'm not a fan of tabs just because I like to push myself to KNOW where it is in the book and not rely on the tabs. But until I get the flow of this particular book down I can get used to them. I love getting in the Word - I've already started a new journey with this book and can't wait to see what's revealed!


Rebecca Jo said...

I wanted to take a look last night but needed to jet afterwards! I want to see this Bible & see what it has to offer! Bring it tonight to church!!!! :-)