Friday, August 22, 2008

So much to talk about!

Stuff I'd love to write about and don't have the focused-time today:
  • Olympic ribbon gymnasts - wow
  • Warriors in Christ - great stuff - Craig Groeschel's message mainly directed at men, but I got a lot out of it too.
  • My new pool deck
  • Birthday tomorrow
  • Youth Leader retreat tonight-tomorrow - sleeping in the bed of my truck I think
  • No real work accomplished this week - only God-studies
  • KFC Original Recipe strips and Cravin' Filet sandwiches are great additions to the menu
  • Walking with a buddy helps
  • God even protects my wallet when I lose it
  • Dreams can feel so real
  • The Holy Spirit does reveal Truth
  • I love the kids!
  • I need to work on my reaction to being interrupted
  • Prayer doesn't always involve words
  • God is indescribable