Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Next Project

Here's the start of my newest project - Navajo Blanket. Crochet. Single-stitch mostly. The trick with this one is I have to do one row at a time. Do a row - cut it off - go back to the starting side and create a new row. I can do a little over 2 rows in an hour - it's a big blanket.

The diamond design (that's just forming here) is a double chain in the row below the one you're working on. That trick took me awhile to get down. My diagnals are a little crooked starting out - but that's my personal touch! :-)


Lynn said...

Impressive... those "one row at a time" blankets are VERY time consuming... so kudos for taking the time and having the concentration to do this!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

oh my... & single crochet... my hands hurt thinking about all the stiches involved!!! its going to be neat though!