Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a Night!

Last night was set-aside to help my dear friend Stephanie find a new laptop computer. Stephanie and I are like these old girlfriends that never skip a beat even when we don't get to talk for months. So after work and a couple of errands, I pick her up to go eat then to Best Buy.
Her and her family are just so wonderful. Five kids - all different personalities - her and her hubby are full of energy - and one of her passions is organic everything. Shoot, she grinds her own wheat flour to make her own dough to make breads, crusts, etc. And for those of you that have tried her bread, you know it's just fabulous. Well, Stephanie is setting up a home recording "studio." With a laptop and microphone, she can go into a closet and have a ready-made recording studio. So our mission was to get her a reasonable laptop at a reasonable price.

But first, dinner. She took me to this amazing place I had not been exposed to: Shiraz Mediterranean Grill. It was great! We had this grain salad - Quinoa (which was fascinating to try!), and shish kabobs. They make everything fresh, handmade and beyond delicious. They make their own yogurt every day. And the atmosphere was very metro & laid-back. The owner was so gracious, and Stephanie has been there so many times she's like family!

We talked and talked and talked and talked (shouldn't surprise anyone), then we finally looked at the time - not sure if we would make it before Best Buy closed!

So off we go - and get to Best Buy as they have the doors wide open waiting for the lingering customers to finish their purchases. We run up to the door and ask if they'd like to sell us a laptop - SURE! Less than 10 minutes later we were walking back out with a brand new laptop. And what's even better - it was a Dell for about $150 less than I had priced last week!

Awesome refreshing girl's night!