Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rebecca would be so proud!

Ok, ok....I'm SLOW! But I have maybe another HOUR to go on this knitted baby block blanket. The baby was born last July - again, I'm SLOW! So once I get it officially done, I'll post that picture. hopefully tonight.
Rebecca gave me the pattern for my first real knitting project. This blanket was originally for 5 colors - I used 6. Knitted a bunch of squares. Then, instead of doing a single-stitch crochet to seam them together - I literally laced the blocks up like shoestrings on a shoe. It's a pretty cool effect. The X's show up on one side - and the other are single line/loops. I love this way simply because it lays perfectly flat. I did a mile-a-minute crochet blanket pattern and did the single-stitch method and it has ridges. Once I had all the blocks together, I did a single-stich crochet around the outside for a border. Now all that's left is to work-in all the end pieces. I'm so excited!
AND - I'm already on to the next crochet project - a Navajo blanket.


Lynn said...

Remember... children of ALL ages need blankets... the child is older now... maybe he/she will appreciate it more!!!! Can't wait till you post the finished project... the colors look great!

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm beyond proud!!! So excited for you because I know you have been working so hard on it!! I love the stitch pattern too lacing it up - what great touch!!! The colors are going to be so eye catching for the baby too!!! GOOD JOB!!!!