Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Washington, D.C.

Well, it's convention time! I've been in D.C. since last Friday. Meetings for the first two days, rehearsals for the big presentation, then yesterday started general sessions. LOTS going on.

We are staying at the Gaylord National located across the river from the Capitol in Maryland. It's a smaller hotel than the other Gaylord properties - which is kind of nice - however, there's not as much to do here. So if you want to really shop or fancy places to eat, you go off-campus. But the view is fantastic.

When preparing for the general session speech by our Vice-chair, (I handle his speech, presentation and videos), I have an all-access pass to backstage and all the equipment. It reminds me of my TV and radio days - only a LOT more high-tech. The guy in the back left is the teleprompter guy, John, and Larry is the PowerPoint operator on the right.

We've had some great speakers: Tom Brokaw and Mike Abrashoff. Tom was so facsinating to listen to! The years of experiences and people he's met - unbelieveable. Mike Abrashoff was just fantastic. He was the captain of a Navy battleship among other things. His leadership turned things around for the ship to make it #1 in the Pacific fleet. And of course he has a book - that I really want to get - "It's Your Ship."

Today I was able to get out and see a few things. We had shuttles to the Smithsonian's Natural History & Air/Space Museums. Turns out the Smithsonian has over 20 buildings to it's name. No way you can go through them in one day - or probably even a whole week.

I took plenty of pictures, but I'll save those for later. Tomorrow I will be adding to that since I am going to try to go to the Library of Congress and the American History Museum. Then on the way back Moses (the driver) will probably take me past some monuments to get some pictures. I'll say hi to Lincoln for you all!


Lynn said...

We are headed to DC over spring break... There are so many places that I want to go and see... and there is NO WAY to do it all... sounds like you are having an exciting time!