Monday, March 9, 2009

Awesome weekend

This was one of the best vacations I've had in awhile! Bill and I went to the Smokies to just get away from everything. For me - no work, no computer, no phone calls, no paperwork...just good books to read and rest to be had. For Bill - it was a celebration of his birthday (a week late, but still). It was his weekend - whatever he wanted to do.

I was fortunate enough to find (with the help of my mom who is well-versed in cabins in the Smokies) this fabulous deal on a 2-bedroom cabin that had a pool table, hot tub, wood-burning fireplace, and great view (even better when there's leaves on the trees). All these are some of his favorite things. So after the 4 hour (or so) drive down, we "planned" the weekend - no plans! He went golfing Friday while I went shopping. He cooked for us a bunch - YEAH for me!! Steaks on the grill, hot wings (his are perfect!), and breakfasts.

It was funny cause I was looking forward to having the loft bedroom - I love those. But because it was his weekend, and I didn't express my desire in the upstairs - he chose the loft room! Goober. But my room had a TV in it - plus the outside door went right to the hot tub, but the front door was literally another five feet away - so not a huge bragging point. Saturday we walked around Gatlinburg for awhile people-watching mostly. We are certainly a funny race, God definitely has a sense of humor and loves us all for who we are no matter what we choose to look like! And when we came back to the cabin, it was warm enough I just sat out on the porch reading and soaking up some sun. It was hard coming back home.


Rebecca Jo said...

I could sit all day long in Gatlinburg & people watch...but then I'd be letting all the shopping pass me by!! Love that place!