Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bathroom Talk

So I just got back from the bathroom. Already more information than you wanted to know! LOL! But in the hallway - where there's nothing but windows overlooking the expressway - a mom who owns a copy shop on the first floor was up on the 10th with her daughter (probably almost 4) looking at all the cars. They were adorable just in the hallway.

As I'm finishing up in the bathroom stall, I hear them enter - little girl chatting like a grown-up and I had to giggle when I heard her say, "well, actually..." Then it got better. They went into their stalls and the little girl asks mommy, "Are you wiping?" Mommy replies (after giggling), "no, honey, I'm tinkling." "Well, I'm wiping," was the girl's response. I laughed after I left the room!

Serious bathroom girl-talk, indeed!