Thursday, March 12, 2009

Updating Blog & Book Reco

As you can see - I've been updating my blog. I've added a lot of new links in categories so they're easy to find. This is done so I can share some goodies with others as well as have a central place I can always go to when I want to find them myself. I'm going to keep adding as time goes on, but I have to say - I think I found my dream blog layout. I know it's not frilly and real pretty, but it'll be packed with good stuff to keep coming back for. Plus, I hope to get out there more in blog worlds and start following more people. Everyone has a great story they are living out in God's Epic.

Now for the book recommendation: "Jesus Mean and Wild." This is about one of the best get-to-know-Jesus books outside of the Bible. Most conversations I have or hear about Jesus always involve His great sacrifice and compassion and love - Jesus, meek & mild - and that's absolutely true. But so many times we don't take into consideration just how hard He can be. The gentle sheperd, yes. But remember how demanding and confrontational and fearless and assured and confident He can be: rebuking and casting out demons, putting the Pharisees and religious leaders in their place, training and disciplining the disciples, making bold statements ("Before Moses was, I AM," "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one come to the Father except through me," and so on). This book just reminds me (and you if you read it), that Jesus is more than a healer and redeemer and forgiver. He's God in the flesh - and that includes characteristics of an Old Testament God - remember in John 2 Jesus cleared the temple with a whip of cords HE MADE!

A few weeks ago in church the speaker had us do a visulization exercise - how do we SEE Jesus? How do we imagine talking to Him? Greeting Him? Being greeted by Him? For me - my initial seeing of Jesus is on a white horse with this huge flaming sword with the legion of angels behind him. Then He rides up to me and dismounts to give me a hug then leads me through a narrow gate through the garden to sit on rocks next to a waterfall to talk. That is now my peace place with Jesus - on the rocks next to the waterfall.

How do you see Jesus? Do you have a peace place?


Lynn said...

My immediate visual response was seeing Jesus laughing... outright, belly laughing happy! (Go figure!) That said alot me to me... and that is how I often picture him (than, and shaking his head at me about a million times a day!)