Friday, October 10, 2008

Rounding up ideas!

9 days and counting!!!! And I need all the ideas I can get for games to play with the kids. Catch is - I'm restricted on materials. So if anyone has some cool ideas of things to do with kids when you don't have toys, paper, playdoh, etc...that would be fantastic!

I found these great little horns, well more like flutes since they have holes in them. But with those I can do a lesson on Joshua and Jericho walls. And we have some candy, mini coloring books with crayons, and little plastic rings that says Jesus Loves You on them. I'm so excited! And there's still A LOT to get accomlished in a week. So pray for me please - here's what it's looking like:
  • For KFC: invoicing at least 2 flights of orders, reporting market information for those orders, Pepsi & Dr Pepper mailings to system, prep work for the next round of commercials (that airs while I'm gone), prepping instructions for while I'm gone (cause heaven-forbid the satellite go out or they run out of snacks), etc.
  • For GCC: Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork for the Student Ministries, prep for Talent Show, SOME prep for the Youth Scavenger hunt, important letters to key people, history info, and promo for Christmas program
  • For Brewer Auctions: Set-up for tomorrow's auction tonight, tomorrow auction, Mailers for the 25th auction, 3 print ads, update website--again, settle-up with last week and tomorrow's clients, check church site for filming his daughter's wedding on the 18th
  • For Personal: finish project for a friend of mine, PACK, get rest of supplies, prepare for trip with lessons and music, water plants, love on the cats, get supplies, Italy video (this is a pipe dream I think for before I leave...unless I just don't sleep) -- and have dinner with my mom (I'm thinking Rafferty's Cheese Fries!!!)

Please pray for me to get a touch of God's limitless energy! And don't worry about sleep - I'm saving up for that 16-hour flight overseas!