Friday, October 3, 2008

Overwhelmed yet?

Ok - so there's TWO weeks left until the mission trip. While I am definitely excited, I have a mounding list of things to-do before I leave for 20 days. I've been doing ok, but in the past any time I get too much on my plate I made sure to take the time to sift it into something more manageable. Well, I FINALLY got to do that yesterday. But I think Satan has computer demons.

You see, I finally made the switch from carrying a heavy paper planner to the more mobile Palm Pilot. Cool little gadget. Fits in my pocket and I can still categorize & color-code! THEN, we got these fancy phones at work that has EVERYTHING on it. Windows/Office platform so I have a version of Outlook on my phone - even cooler. So I'm still working on transferring info, but I pretty much have everything in one place now - my phone. I spent some time last night updating my daily list of to-dos, my project lists, some contacts, church scheduling, auction scheduling, KFC scheduling, person scheduling, etc. Felt like I have my big ol workload under control again.

Well, when I came in early this morning - my Outlook (email and my planning software) would NOT open! AAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!!! What was I going to do?!?!? All that work! That's the one positive about paper planners. Well, stay some other the offsite tech'll be fine. And like Rebecca, I love to see God in everything. Patience. Wait upon the Lord. My hope and trust is in Him -- not this goofy machine. And what do ya know -- the mail server is up and running again. Just a quick reminder from God that He's in control.