Friday, April 10, 2009

...but Sunday's Comin'

Lately - actually over the past couple of years - Satan has been nipping at my heels, trying to thwart me in every area of my life. Actually, it's been more like sucker-punching me everytime I get back up. The latest is our vehicles.

Bill's car blew-up, well not literally, but it overheated so bad that the hood popped open on its own. It's currently resting in my driveway. Bill's been driving my truck this week. Now, my truck has had it own little issue, he stinks when the heat is on. So yesterday when we spent the afternoon tooling around in the gorgeous weather, the truck decides he's going to overheat! What?!?!? We get some anitfreeze to refill it, let it cool down for awhile while we watched a movie, then try to get blue-boy home.

These trials are good for me and Bill in the early stages of our relationship. How do we handle these interruptions/trials/aggrivations/etc.? Well, if I were alone, I would have cried, Bill would have ranted (he did for about 10 seconds). But we just looked at each other and recognized where all this craziness was coming from - Satan. No coincidence two vehicles down for the same reasons in the same week. I prayed, Bill prayed, we prayed together to just get us home without having to stop and keep our focus on the right enemy. We made it home fine, blue-boy is waiting at the shop for his turn this morning, and I am just so thankful I have a Savior to go to when even this kind of stuff happens.

Bill has such a wonderful outlook in these times - Satan is going to burn in hell for eternity, we're not. And I couldn't resist posting this video today. This is truly a Good Friday!