Monday, April 6, 2009

Helping out is great!

Friday night as I was organizing (surprise, surprise) around the house and in my office, I realized that the Northside clothing drive was in full swing! AND there was an opportunity to be a part of the "packing party" Saturday morning. So I rearranged a few things to make time for this!

The clothes are all going to a mission couple in Columbia serving over 600 displaced families. The site was incredible Saturday morning! I pull in to hand over my three bags of clothes and shoes and see this semi FULL of stuff! And they certainly needed extra hands to ORGANIZE and pack! Right up my alley.

Inside the truck were kids who brought bags & boxes of stuff to us to separate. Then clothes to long tables to be sorted and repacked into these huge plastic bags. Everything else had to be arranged into categories - household, accessories, shoes, toys, etc. - then repacked into boxes that were of consistent size. Three hours of work and we only got half-way thru!

The morning was great - and I got to reconnect with a couple that had attended GCC last year.

Once that was done, I was on my way to help some more friends with putting the cover on a greenhouse. This was an experience! It took 12 of us to get it done. You have to pull TIGHT to get it nailed on. We were so blessed to have a gorgeous, low-wind day. Otherwise, I'd still be floating over Washington County!

Then back to mom's to gather up homemade yeast rolls and chocolate chip bars to take to Big Bill - wondering all the time if they'd make it to the Peake household or not! And Bill (the younger) mowed my yard - it's looking fabulous lately! Unfortunately, his car blew up on the way to my house. He thinks it's the thermostat and hopes he didn't bust the head. So, leaving the car behind, we make our way to church. Northside was celebrating George Ross's 10th Anniversary - the dedication was so touching! The message was given by one of their youth ministers and it was very relevant to us both. He and some others just got back from a mission trip to Haiti.

And Sunday morning McKay class was was good. I was a little nervous about going, but it was better after I got settled in. Then off to lunch with the Peakes. Mmmmm, hot yeast rolls with butter - they made it to the house! Then Bill and I went to my house to do more yard work, then to my mom's where he found out she has lots of big-boy toys and 13 acres with a creek to play in! He and Tom are going to be getting dirty, I just feel it coming on!

All-in-all - great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed Mark's class, they do a great job of teaching with some entertaining, compared to some who put the emphasis on entertaining with a little teaching.