Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TEA Party!

OK - I admit - I'm not the best keeper-upper with politics and economy and such, but when a co-worker asked if I wanted to go to the TEA Party Protest downtown - I said 'sure, why not.'

It was incredible to see all the people crammed into the 1/2 block park across from City Hall downtown. Speeches, signs, support for LESS government intervention, LESS taxes, LESS bailouts, etc. All conservatives, most all republicans, and all Christians - or at least in support of the concept that our nation was founded on Christian beliefs. Speakers and organizers and supporters are calling for a revolution - find out more about the TEA Party - check it out at Tax Day Tea Party.
Regardless of your political stance, it's hard not to see our country is not what it once was - even in my lifetime. Be observant people! See the signs. Keep informed. Use your voice. And Pray hard for the leaders of this nation to have thier hearts turned, make wise & Godly decisions, and that God will again bless this nation. Or pray for the rapture to take place soon! Or both!


Joe said...

I love the TEA Party movement!