Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are you an untidy child in need of cleaning and love? I am.

During my down time these past few days I managed to watch a few movies. One being The Inn of Sixth Happiness with Ingrid Bergman and Curd Jürgens from 1958.

Bergman plays the role of Gladys Aylward, a real person in history. She was someone that in Britain was rejected as a missionary, but went to China anyway. She teamed with another missionary in Yang Cheng that ran an inn for traveling merchants - hot meals and stories from the Bible. Gladys adopts children, assimilates herself into the culture and basically just loves the people...and they love her. During the Second Sino-Japanese war, she led 100 children over the mountains to freedom. She became known as "Ai-weh-deh", or "Virtuous One" in real life, but in the movie is was Gen-eye (that's how it sounded). And in the movie there is of course a love interest - Colonel Yin Nan.

This movie and story was really done well and I just loved it. But there's one line that stuck with me. When Colonel Yin is talking with the magistrate of the town, and admits he's in love with Gen-eye, he shows his admiration and respect of her in his description of her relationships with others. "She sees them all as untidy, unkempt children in need of a little cleaning and loving care."

How much better would life be if we all had that view of other people? Isn't that pretty much how God as Father sees us? In need of cleaning and love. Good thing Jesus can do that.


Lynn said...

Hey Christy.... head on over to my blog... TAG.... You're it!!!!

And me.... untidy.... more like filthy, I'd say.... gotta love God for loving me so much!!!!!