Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tag...You're It!

I'm honored - I got tagged! So now, I get to share with you my Top 5 Memories of 2009 - and I am choosing happy ones, too! :-) So, here goes.

First up - My Last KFC Convention (little did I know it would be my least for awhile ;-) ). It was fantastic because I got to do SO much for it. I produced the best video that touched everyone's heart while still providing information (and a lot of that was bad due to declining sales). Plus, it was in Washington, D.C., a place I haven't been before. So I got to visit the Smithsonian and all those wonderful historical places. We drove by Congress and I exclaimed to the driver, "Hey, I just saw Jack Bauer there on TV!" He politely agreed with me. Did you know there was a museum under the Lincoln Memorial? That was a secret my driver told me.

Second, was getting a new pastor at GCC. At first I was ambivalent simply due to the ups & downs we've had there during my 11-year tenure. But I truly believe Michael is right where God wants him to be. Plus, I've gained a new brother and sister in the deal! Now I just wish I had a picture of him in that elf costume...

Then there was the Women of Faith Conference in Indy. That's always such a fantastic experience anyway, but this year I met Mary Graham, President of Women of Faith. The speakers were speaking straight to me that weekend, and I'll never forget it. Yep, that's SCC on the stage!

In November came the 175th Anniversary Concert for GCC. That was a really big deal for a lot of people in many different ways. I've been told it was like a weight was lifted that night. Plus, all that video work! And the second half of 80s focus - the clothes and hair! Man - that was a GREAT night! I just wish I had some pictures from it, I'm stealing this one from Rebecca.

And my #5: Singing with the Family Choir at Northside Christian. This is just a picture of the stage, but imagine the floor painted white and multiple Christmas trees in various heights scattered around. The choir was in the middle and band scattered in front. I love to sing and be on stage. I had given that up for awhile, but I still love it. And it was in front of thousands of people over the course of the weekend -AND-those big screens on the side? Yep, ended up on those too. It certainly helped that I had started working out!

Now, I'm tagging!

Mrs. 4444, OctaMom, Marsha's Musings,, and Denise, plus anyone else that wants to join in! Let me know so I can visit!


Rebecca Jo said...

I could totally sense that was SCC up there... I can sense him anywhere! :)

That 80's night was one of the funnest nights GCC has had in a LLOONNNNNNNNGGGGG time!

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