Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A re-do? Again?

I think in golf a re-do is called a mulligan. Wouldn't we all like to have a mulligan in life every now-and-then? There are lots of areas that I would love to re-do: certain relationships, not sticking with college the first time around, getting rid of my first car, and so on. We talked at a women's study one night about as women we like to have control. But there's only so much we have control over. And some of those things I think I would like a re-do for, I really didn't have control over in the first place. So why waste time going backward? Keep moving forward, as a good friend reminds me.

So why am I even writing this? I want to change my blog design again. Yeah, I know. However, I think this design just doesn't reflect "me" totally. But do you know how hard it is to fit strategic business with Wonder Woman with sewing & crochet and reading and writing and music and and and...all in one design! Good grief, I'm all over the place! I've been discovering a lot about me lately, and I apparently don't fit any rules. I don't have a specific focus, I am good at a lot of different things. That can be frustrating when trying to decide on a path of life to take when there's about 100 in front of you.

All I can do is keep moving forward. So, be on the lookout for one of my steps, blog redesign! No telling WHAT you'll see before I settle on something more permanent. Thanks for visiting!