Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One Word...Preparation (and a creative tidbit!)

The other day I read Natalie's blog about having one word to describe the new year. Her's is "Believe," and she has a great posting about it and how she'll be focusing on that one word all year.

I loved that post and it got me to thinking and praying about my one word. I'm in such a desert place again in my life - nothing I did intentionally, but it sure feels like the desert again. But as I was showering and reflecting on my readings of late, I thought about all the stuff you have to do in the shower and how different it would have been for Esther (Hadassah) in the Bible. She was part of the captured girls in Persia to be prepared for one night with the King so he could pick a new queen. It took a year to prepare. A whole year for one night. And I thought taking an hour to prepare a meal that takes 10 minutes to eat was bad.

And then a word came to me - Preparation. I don't know for what, but I now feel like I'm being prepared for something, for that "such a time as this" kind of moment or season just as Esther was prepared. Who knows but God? So all I can do is focus on being the daughter of the Most High King to the best of what He's created me to be. I will focus on this word this year. So when I feel like I'm in the desert place, I know that I am to be preparing, learning, resting for something special. It'll be a great surprise I'm sure!

So what would your one word be for 2010?

When "preparing" for this posting, I thought about my recent sewing projects and all that went into them to "prepare" the material for sewing, and the final projects for revealing. I'm going to get a lot of mileage out of my word this year! For the secret to this picture, visit my Creative Side blog to see my first few sewing projects. And I'm sure Rebecca will be posting about it soon, too!


Rebecca Jo said...

I love seeing what one word stands out to everyone...

And yep, you KNOW I'm having a photo studio going on at my house for pictures going up tomorrow!!!!