Friday, January 29, 2010

Fragment Time!

} Wow, where does the time go? My days are running all together now - I didn't realize it was Friday!

} My mom wants me to take my aprons and turn them into a side business. I have to admit, that "S" was a fine achievement! I'm working on a mother-daughter special design right now. Just picked up the material today. Needless to say, I don't think the fairies would snub their noses at it! AND, I have this great idea for a Batman apron...and of course, one for myself - Wonder Woman!

} So I don't work at KFC anymore, so what? I still like the food! And have your tried these new Fiery Grilled Wings? Zero Carbs, low fat - and some nice spicy-ness! So nice, that I've had them three times this week. Seriously helps to have some variety on a low-carb diet.

} And remember the baby nahavo-style blanket? Well, I think it's obvious how it went over!

Love these Friday Fragments! For more - go see Mrs.4444 @ Half-Past Kissin' Time:
Mommy's Idea


Rebecca Jo said...

You should TOTALLY market those aprons!!!! I think every man (& women with some super GIRL ones) would want one!!!

But I have to say, the Belle one is still my favorite!!! :) A whole Princess line of aprons? Oh girl - do it!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Awww...that pic is GREAT :) And I love the apron ideas!!

Man, I hope my local KFC has those wings! My mouth is SO watering!!